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Kind veterinarian determining what's wrong with my cat

Our experienced veterinarians, Dr Magnus and Dr Olivia are great vets who love helping sick pets and worried owners.  And, if your pet is scared of the vet clinic we do home visits!

Please call us to arrange an appointment time.

Free puppy check up, free kitten vet check

We'll look after your cat so you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your cat is being well cared for by vets and vet nurses.  

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Make sure your new kitten or new puppy is healthy by having Dr Magnus or Dr Olivia give them a thorough examination - and a snuggle or two!

dental disease, animal dentistry, why does my dogs breath smell, why does my cats breath smell,

Does your dog have bad breath? Is your cat having trouble chewing? Those are signs of dental disease. Anyone who has had a toothache can testify to how painful it is so don't wait, come in for a free dental check and set your mind at ease.

pet export, moving overseas with pet, flying with a pet

Dr Magnus is a fully qualified AQIS vet who will make travelling overseas with your pet easy. Call us today to ask him any questions you may have about moving overseas with your dog or cat. 

My cat's nails are too sharp, How to trim dog nails, how to trim cat nails, nail trimming, nail clipping

'How do I trim my dog's nails?' That's a common question and it's not always as easy as is seems. We're happy to teach you or, if you prefer we can trim them for you. 

(BTW - we trim cat's nails too!)

dog vaccination, cat vaccination, how often do I need to vaccinate my cat, how often do I need to vaccinate my dog

Vaccinations are vital to protect against diseases like cat flu, parvo and canine cough.  

We use an early finish program for puppies so they can get out and about safely, sooner! 

when should I get my dog desexed, when should I get my cat desexed, dog neutering, cat neutering, dog desexing, cat desexing

We don't like 'cones of shame' so we use internal stitches and 3 days post operative pain relief instead. It works in most cases!

Please contact us to work out the best age to desex your pet - we like to assess each individually rather than apply a blanket rule. 

Microchipping, microchip, lost dog, lost cat, lost pet, brisbane city requirements for dog registration

Microchipping is a legal requirement and is vital to help you find your lost pet. We use the smallest chips on the market (smaller = less painful) so don't put it off, ensure your pet makes their way home safely!

dog ultrasound, cat ultrasound, dog x-ray, cat x-ray, digital x-ray, diagnostic imaging animals, sick dog, sick cat

We have both x-ray and ultrasound equipment at our veterinary surgery so we can be thorough in our approach to healing your sick pet. 

dog surgery, animal surgery, cat surgery, excellent surgeons, pain relief dogs, pain relief cats

Both Dr Magnus and Dr Olivia are experienced surgeons who believe in plenty of pain relief!


If your pet needs a specialist procedure, we can either refer you to a specialist or arrange for them to perform the surgery at our veterinary clinic.   

dog blood test, cat blood test, sick cat, sick dog, pathology

Blood testing is so important for diagnosing illness and monitoring ongoing conditions like kidney disease, Cushing's and hyperthyroidism. We have in house facilities to help get results as quickly as possible.

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paralysis ticks, dog can't walk, dog can't breath, cat can't walk, cat can't breath, dog hoarse bark, cat lost meow, tick prevention, paralysis tick
what should I feed my cat, what should I feed my dog, best food for a cat, best food for a dog, best food for dogs, best food for cats

Paralysis ticks kill - so don't get your advice from a pet shop, speak to the professionals and make sure your pet is protected from paralysis ticks!

Tick Prevention in Dogs

Tick Prevention in Cats


Does your pet have a health problem? If so, it is likely that there is a prescription diet that will help keep them healthy. We stock the full range so call us now and we can have a chat about what is the best food for your pet. 


We don't profess to be Stefan, but if your dog or cat hates being brushed, we can help by sedating (or even anaesthetising) them to get the job done. 


Best veterinary surgery in Brisbane - thank you all for your support and help at short notice - you are all my saviours and friends.