Tick Paralysis - Symptoms and Advice

November 29, 2018



The tick toxin of Ixodes Holocyclus (aka the Paralysis Tick) firstly affects the muscles of the larynx, oesophagus and hind limbs.  Bear this in mind because it is reflected by the progressive symptoms you may see in a dog affected by tick paralysis. 



  • Harsh cough, hoarse bark or meow, lost voice 

  • Regurgitation/Vomiting

  • Wobbly (Drunken) hindlimb gait


  • Increasing weakness until your dog or cat can no longer walk

  • Laboured breathing

  • Anxious expression 

Left untreated, tick paralysis mostly results in death - from either exhaustion, suffocation or aspiration (breathing in ) of vomit. 




Paralysis can progress very quickly so the time to seek advice is when you first become aware that your pet has been exposed to paralysis tick poison - whether this is when you remove the tick/find a tick crater or when you notice symptoms.


If you notice a problem outside of our normal opening hours please contact an emergency facility.

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