Our pets are an integral part of our families. That's why for many of us the idea of moving overseas without them is unfathomable!  Fortunately with good preparation and guidance, relocating your cat or dog overseas need not be difficult or stressful. 

Dr Magnus is an accredited companion animal export veterinarian (AQIS  vet) which means he is licenced to

  1. administer and certify the additional vaccinations your pet may need

  2. carry out any required health checks, blood tests or microchipping

  3. oversee your pet's required internal and external parasite treatments.


It is a big ask to know and understand the import requirements of the Australian goverment as well as those of the destination countries. It is an even bigger ask to ensure that these are all complied with in the correct order, within the appropriate time frame. It is lucky Dr Magnus' inherent attention to details makes him perfectly suited to being a pet export vet!  

For more information about moving overseas with your pet please contact our clinic either by phone (3871 3888) or the contact form below. Alternatively e-mail Dr Magnus directly at magnus@taringavets.com.au .

International Pet Transport