When can I take my puppy to the dog park?

Your pup is safe to take a trip to the park when they are fully vaccinated - 10 days after their final vaccination. We use an early finish vaccination program (finish at 10 weeks) so they can get there sooner. 


What is the best product for flea and tick prevention?

We recommend Nexgard, Bravecto and Simparica. These products have the highest level of efficacy against paralysis tick and are extremely effective against fleas. 

Please be aware that there are many negative reports about these products on the internet. We are yet to see a severe side effect from these products but we have seen many dogs die from the effects of paralysis ticks!


Do I need to use tick prevention all year? 

It is true that we see far more cases of paralysis ticks in the warmer months but there is no true ''off season" so it is important that your dog has appropriate tick prevention year round. 


What should I feed my dog?

Our main priorities when it comes to feeding dogs are 

  1.  AVOID mushy foods - by this we mean mince, canned food, dog sausage/roll, mushy vegetables, soggy pasta. These foods stick around your dogs teeth and cause awful dental disease! Choose dry dog food, crisp vegetables and chopped up meat instead.

  2. Dogs are OMNIVORES so they need vegetable matter as well as meat. It can be hard to get the balance right if you are cooking up meals at home, consider making at least half of their diet a pre-formulated dog food. 

  3. Try not to let your dog get into the habit of grazing on their food. Eating set meals makes it easier to control their weight and also results in less dental disease.

  4. Puppies and nursing mothers need puppy food. 

We feed our dogs premium quality food because it has the most consistent nutritional content and we find that they produce smaller and less smelly poos when they eat it. The term premium pet food has become less clear over the years but the products that we consider to be truly premium are:

  • Hills

  • Royal Canin

  • Eukanuba

  • Advance

How do I change my dog from one food to another?

One of the most common causes of diarrhoea in dogs is a change in diet. To avoid this always wean your pet onto their new food slowly over 1-2 weeks. 

My dog barks/cries when I leave them alone, how can I help them?

Separation anxiety is the most common reason for your dog to bark/cry when you leave them. They are not being naughty they are frightened and sad because you have left them.


One thing that we always recommend trying is an Adaptil collar. It is safe and helpful in most cases though it is often not enough on its own, an appropriate desensitisation program needs to be instigated for true, lasting results - please see our useful links for some web addresses that delve into this complex problem deeper.


What heartworm prevention do you recommend?

Brisbane is the river city...which means mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of heartworm - a nasty worm that can kill your dog!

As such, we take heartworm prevention very seriously and so recommend the heartworm injection from 12 weeks of age. It is the only product that can guarantee protection for your pup from birth. 

Other available preventatives are monthly spot-ons or chews, but if you choose these products be aware that recent studies have shown that 40% of animals that test positive to heartworm are on some form of monthly protection. This tells us two things 

  1. We are not all as good at administering monthly treatments as we think we are.

  2. There may be some resistance issues to monthly preventatives, like they are now seeing in America. 

There is also a risk of an anaphylactic reaction if you administer some monthly preventatives to a heartworm positive dog! Even more reason for us to play it safe and use the injectable prevention. 

My dog lives inside, do they still need heartworm prevention?

We will answer this by asking you a question? Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito whilst you were inside? YES! 

If mosquitoes are inside, so is heartworm. So even indoor pets need heartworm prevention. 


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