Under our vet surgery on Moggill Rd, we have our cattery. It is a sanctuary for us and we love escaping down there for some restorative cuddles. We really enjoy getting to know our visitors and quickly figure out their likes and dislikes which helps us to make their stay as relaxing as possible. You can also relax, knowing that they are safe in the hands of vets and vet nurses.


Please feel free to pop in and chat to us about our facilities. We no longer offer 'walk throughs' as some of our cats find this  stressful. The large window offers a complete view of the cattery so we now encourage you to  take a peek through here if you wish to see the set up. 





STANDARD BOARDING                                                                                                                     $26/day (or part thereof)


ANIMALS REQUIRING SPECIAL DIETS or MEDICATIONS                                                           $29/day (or part thereof)

ANTI-ANXIETY THERAPY (vet check essential prior to instituting therapy)                            $3/day (in addition to                                                                                                                                                                                     day rate) 


While most cats settle in extremely well to our cattery, there are some who find the experience very stressful. It is important to manage anxiety because it is psychologically damaging and poses a risk to their health (in particular it stresses their heart). 

We already have numerous systems in place to ensure that your cat's stay in "Hotel Taringa" is as stress free as possible but if these are insufficient one of our vets will examine your pet and establish whether they are a candidate for an anti-anxiety medication called gabapentin - an extremely safe medication that is very effective at managing stress in cats without causing sedation.

If you suspect your cat will find the experience of boarding stressful, please alert us to this possibility and advise us whether you consent to the use of this medication should it be indicated.

(NB We will not administer any medications without your consent.)




We cater to all tastes at 'Hotel Taringa' So whether your cat likes to socialise with their fellow guests or prefers some peace and quiet we have a place for them. 


We use Feliway in our cattery to help the cats feel safe and secure. For more information 


We play the cats soothing music - Apparently a combination of classical and nature sounds is the favourite of most cats!


Medications? Special diets? No problem, after all we are a vet surgery!


We know cat's have favourite places to sleep so we make sure we have lots of cat trees and multilevel bedding for them to choose from.

The large window of the cattery is north facing so they can almost always enjoy the beautiful Brisbane winter sunshine, relax and watch the world go by. 



  • Ensure your cat is up to date on their vaccinations! All cats must have a current F3 vaccination to stay at our 'hotel'.

  • Bring a list of your cat's likes/dislikes when they come to stay, it will help us accommodate them better. 

  • Familiar smelling bedding can be very calming but the cats often soil it and sometimes when we wash it it can become misplaced. So, help us by labelling all items and consider getting your cat used to an old towel/blanket prior to their stay so that if it is misplaced it is not as disastrous as if it were their special blanket.

  • Bring in any special diets or medications that they need. No need to bring water/food bowls, we have lots of these! 

  • If we are not your cat's regular vet please contact them to advise them that they are staying with us and if they have any pertinent history arrange for this to be provided to us so that we can monitor them better. 

  • If we are not your regular vet please provide us with instructions as to how you would like us to proceed in the unlikely event that they should become unwell. We can either treat them as we would our own patients or arrange to transport them to your regular vet.